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A Sentinel-1 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image shows part of Alaska's mountainous, glacier-rich Kenai Peninsula.Copernicus Sentinel data 2014

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Learn by doing! Try the interactive API pane for instant results. Choose keywords and copy commands to your own scripts. 

 API Basics

Overview, with a streamlined guide to building a command and to searching, visualizing, and downloading data.

 Build API Command

Step-by-step instructions to building the three parts of an API command. For beginners and everyone else.

Quick Guide for Power Users

API URL:\&...

Keywords: See the Learn by Doing page for a full list of keywords.

Output: Default output format is METALINK; users can also specify CSV, KML, JSON, COUNT, DOWNLOAD, and GEOJSON.

Authenticate* and Download: Linux/Mac Examples
Aria2 — Download Known Granule
    aria2c --http-auth-challenge=true --http-user=CHANGE_ME --http-passwd='CHANGE_ME' ""
Aria2 — Download Based on Platform and Time-Range Search
aria2c --http-auth-challenge=true --http-user=CHANGE_ME --http-passwd='CHANGE_ME' " 37.77)&start=2016-07-01T00:00:00&output=metalink"
Wget — Download Known Metalink
wget -c --http-user=CHANGE_ME --http-password='CHANGE_ME' ""

*Use Earthdata username and password

Get SAR Data

Get SAR Data

Select and download SAR data online using Vertex.

Use the ASF API for downloading SAR data via a command line.