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Trouble AreaReasonRemedy
Windows cURL "unrecognized protocol"Invisible double quotes involuntarily inserted when copy/pasting example from web page

Delete the visible quotes, which will delete the invisible quotes. Then retype quotes.

Download fails with "401 Unauthorized" or "Authorization failed"Missing or invalid Earthdata username/password

Check that you are correctly including your Earthdata username and password in your download command.  See the Search & Download page for examples.

Download fails with "401 Unauthorized" or "Authorization failed"Special characters in Earthdata password

Passwords with special characters need single quotes on Linux/Mac and double-quotes on Windows.  See the Search & Download page for examples.

Cookie request to /services/authentication/ fails with "410 Gone"Cookie URL has been retired

It's not longer necessary to request an authorization cookie before downloading data.  See the new instructions on the Search & Download page.

Can't authenticateYou must agree to the new Terms of Service and set your Study areaLog on to Vertex, accept the TOS, and set your Study Area
Wget or cURL command copied from the webpage doesn't workCopy/paste over multiple lines introduces errorCopy and paste one line, then the next line
Wget or cURL command copied from the webpage doesn't workQuotes look the same but are interpreted differentlyWhere single quotes are present, delete and retype them in the terminal window
API request with '+' in it failsSome keywords are stored in the database as two words with a space between them, some as two words joined with a '+'.Try your API request with a '+'. if that doesn't work, replace the '+' with '%2B'. One of them will work.
Download using Aria failsBug in ASF codeFix delivered 

API request fails

https is now required

Make sure you are using https, not http

Can't download PALSAR data

You must agree to the PALSAR EULA in order to download PALSAR data

Log in to Vertex and agree to the End User License Agreement, then retry downloading

API request hangs, fails, or returns an errorYour URL may include spaces or special characters, especially if you are using the 'intersectsWith' keyword

Remove spaces or replace with %20 or +

See URL Character Encoding below

API request hangs or failsSearch may exceed 10,000 results

Narrow search using more keywords to return fewer results or use keyword "maxResults"

API request returns process ID (PID) numbers but does not return query resultsURLs at the command line may require the "&" to be escaped

Replace ampersand "&" with backslash ampersand "\&" in the URL. OR use double quotes " " around the URL; URLs submitted via the browser use ampersand "&" without the backslash.

Keyword not respectedKeywords are case sensitive

Ensure that your keywords are capitalized (or not) just as in the Keyword List on the API Tool page

Keyword not respectedKeyword is deprecated

See the bottom of the keyword list on the Learn by Doing page for a list of deprecated keywords

Certificate rejectedThird-party certificates out of date, a problem for https searches

Use http OR disable certificate checks

curl --insecure

wget --no-check-certificate

CSV vs JSONThe JSON output returns more fields than CSV

It's a feature. ASF may expand CSV output in the future. Meanwhile, use JSON to get the most information returned

URL syntax notes:
The base URL and keywords  may not  have any spaces.
A"?" separates the URL from the keywords.
The keywords are joined by  "\&" or "&".
Some keywords contain characters that must be encoded.

URL Character Encoding — including special characters in the URL

Some characters in URLs must be replaced by their encoded equivalent ACSII character. URLs can only be sent over the Internet using the ASCII character-set. Since URLs often contain characters outside the ASCII set, the URL has to be converted into a valid ASCII format.

Common Equivalents
URL SymbolReplace with ASCII
spaceremove spaces in URL or use '%20'. Use '+'  in keyword values
+%2B for some keywords

For a complete list of URL codes, please see URL Encoding Reference.

Get SAR Data

Get SAR Data

Select and download SAR data online using Vertex.

Use the ASF API for downloading SAR data via a command line.