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2010 Winter Volume 6:5 Articles:

Utility of SAR and Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) Imagery for Identification of Salmon Spawning Habitat During Winter in a Large, Glacial River

The large, glacial rivers that characterize the Alaskan interior are extraordinarily dynamic: glacial flow regimes, combined with heavy sedimentation, create a complex habitat template for the variety of fish species that use these systems.
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INTERFEROGRAM: A Bold New Direction

The ASF SAR Data Center (SDC) now provides users the capability to search-and-order Interferometric SAR (InSAR) pairs through the online User Remote-Sensing Access (URSA) interface and has expanded the data-product offerings to include custom InSAR products. Users are now capable of identifying stacks of SAR granules suitable for interferometric processing, assess the perpendicular and temporal baseline distribution of a stack by interacting with the online baseline plot tool (Figure 1), and select pairs to order a number of interferometric products.

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